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More about Human Inner Keys for Evolution

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Using ancient wisdom tools, practices, and processes such as breathwork, movement, imagery, metaphor and others, I help people who are ready to take their self-leadership to the next level. I work with individuals and groups at all levels of development, the only requirement is that people adopt a self-disciplinary attitude about the skills and tools that are offered.

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HIKE4evolution (previously Inner Key) is a self-development system that is personalized for each student. Learning to use the skills and practices of creative thinking in a disciplined way will produce lasting change in participants within 3-6 months. When adding bio/neuro feedback, breathwork and somatic coaching to the process, self-leadership results are accelerated.  Together with my colleague, brother, and neurofeedback scientist, Dallas Hawkes, we teach online and in-person classes in self-mastery skills and how to discover your personal Inner Keys.


The HIKE system is unique in that our bio/neurofeedback technology was designed specifically for HIKE use by Thought Technology using phi ratio proportion configuration to encourage optimal brain function training with correlations in behavior and emotional regulation. The entire HIKE system is the idea of Thought Leader, Liana Mattulich MD (Argentina) and neuroscientist who, over 50 years of professional development and  refinement has packaged the curriculum into 9 spiral of learning that build on one another and help people develop and transform themselves on multidimensional levels.


At HIKE we are passionate about helping humanity discover and develop their Human Inner Keys for Evolution (HIKE) so they can be their best selves, be happy and healthy, productive, peaceful, and successful. It is all thanks to the support of our students like you! Keep up to date with new classes, on events, and read our blog for great information about self-leadership, self-mastery and creative thinking.  Feel free to tell us what you think in comments and sign-up for sessions on the services page.



  • Master's in Somatic Counseling Psychology, Naropa University 2009

  • LPC - Licensed Professional Counselor - Colorado

  •  HIKE4evolution  Self-Leadership Educator

  • Clarity Breathwork Practitioner

  • Personal Self-Integration Coach


  • 55 years in personal growth and development.

  • Prevention Specialist and BrainWise Educator

  • Mental Health Educator through Speakers Bureau

  • Nearly 200 years of combined expertise with Liana and Dallas (HIKE Founder and HIKE Coordinator).

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