Your Answer to Chronic Burnout, fatigue & Stress

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Program May 17th 7pm EST

As a professional with a passion for your work and a love for what you do, you naturally put others first. The problem is that while you have the best of intentions, this approach is simply not sustainable

Before you know it you’ve crossed over into burnout with all of the pressure that comes from knowing you simply have to keep your practice & relationships going.

You need a solution that allows you to take back control….

Welcome to RECLAIM: Introduction to Energy Medicine

Simple Skills for Recovering from Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, and Life's Challenges: Your answer to chronic burnout

Recover From Burnout

Take smart, measured steps that get you back to the person you know you can be, one day at a time. Everything you’ll learn is based on real-world experience and designed to bring you back to the real YOU.

Protect Your Nervous System

Use a tried and trusted process to undergo a real journey of change and renewal. By protecting your mental fields and sustainably lifting your energy, you’ll be able to recenter yourself in a truly meaningful way.

Heal From the Inside

Setting boundaries, addressing attachments, and ranking your priorities will give you the freedom you need to finally start healing. It’s a truly holistic process that sets you free all over again.

When you have a clear understanding of how your mind and body function, you’ll be able to start walking a healing path that really works.

Can you afford to stand still?

"I was coming out of burnout & recovery from adrenal fatigue - Alistair’s tools have helped me regulate my nervous system quickly."


What is Reclaim?

A proven solution to chronic burnout

From the moment you embrace your true inner freedom, authentic healing will begin on a whole new level.

We really can turn your profession back into your calling by escaping burnout and protecting your inner self.

Boundaries – Responsibilities – Attachments – Relations – Your Calling

Understand them all and life will change…

Are you ready to heal?

About Reclaim

What if you could get your Energy and vitality back in less than 8 weeks?

Feel alive, present and excited to serve your clients again. Reconnect with your family. Find pleasure again in the dreams and hobbies you’ve left behind. Take a deep breath… it’s all going to be okay. There is a way to expand beyond this and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Here's what we'll cover together:

Laying the Groundwork

Session 1-4: Master energy control: Perfect the art of cleansing, enhancing, and conserving your inner strength.

 • Rise above burnout, stress, and anxiety to usher in serenity with the revolutionary HIKE4evolution system, energy psychology, and the PSI personal self-integration framework.

• Immerse in breathwork and mindfulness, setting the foundation for a soulful reset.

Nuturing Inner Ties

 Session 5-8: Develop a deep-rooted connection with your innermost self.

• Harmonize emotions and deepen your grasp of energy frameworks and holistic strategies.

• Explore the Qualities of Energies, 7 Levels of Mind, and our proprietary Pristine Program.

• Elevate your proficiency with metaphor, imagery, and psychosomatic intelligence nuances.

a burnout proof life from here into the future

Session 9-12 Integrate these practices seamlessly into your routine and witness transformative change within 3-9 months, with a minimal daily dedication of 3-7 minutes.

 Propel your therapeutic journey from burnout to unadulterated rejuvenation. Pave the way for therapeutic innovation and be the beacon of hope and transformation!

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About Alistair

In only 7 minutes a day I went from burnt out professional to happy therapist with real balance in my life. As soon as I realized how universal the lessons I’d put into practice were, I knew I had to start sharing them.

RECLAIM is my way of giving back, lifting you up, and showing the world the real YOU. If I can do it solo, I know you can when we do it together.

Ready to RECLAIM your life?

"As I continue to crack open, Alistair meets me in total presence and full capacity. I have only experienced this with her."


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is RECLAIM for?

RECLAIM is a unique growth and recovery resource crafted with care by a therapist who has beaten burnout. If you’re facing the same issues, struggles, and frustrations, this is your moment to receive the help you deserve.

How long does RECLAIM take?

It’s an 8-week course designed to fit around all of the things you need to juggle at work and at home. Everything is shaped with the real world in mind. 

This is a hybrid Course, Live and Prerecorded Lessons. 

Replays available for lifetime access

How do I know RECLAIM is right for me?

You’ve taken the masterclass, now it’s time to take things further. If you want to truly escape burnout in a sustainable way, RECLAIM is for you.

No more burnout?

Trust me, it’s possible…

Your calling still needs you.

You are worthy of more.

You can escape burnout.

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Imagine feeling renewed energy for your clients, family, and life