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From burnt out therapist to vibrantly thriving in only 7 minutes a day

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Imagine feeling renewed energy for your clients, family, and life

In this free 45 minute masterclass, burnout specialist Alistair M. Hawkes explains the system of cutting-edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom that will quickly get you out of burnout in less than 8 weeks.

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With host, Alistair M. Hawkes MA LPC
Therapist Burnout Specialist

"I came in with high burnout, loss of self, not taking care of me. Now I feel like myself and more present in all relationships"

Christa, therapist

About this Masterclass

What if you could get your Energy and vitality back in less than 6 weeks?

Feel alive, present and excited to serve your clients again. Reconnect with your family. Find pleasure again in the dreams and hobbies you’ve left behind. Take a deep breath… it’s all going to be okay. There is a way to expand beyond this and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Here's what we'll cover together:

why 62% of therapists are in various stages of burnout

You’re not alone! We’ll delve into the common stressors faced in the therapy profession and the systemic issues that perpetuate burnout, providing you with a clear picture of why this phenomenon is so prevalent.

The 7 minute daily practice that will change everything

We’ll learn about a transformative daily routine that takes just 7 minutes to complete, but will help you manage stress effectively, enhance your focus, and revitalize your energetic capacity for your clients, family, and dreams.

Creating a burnout proof life from here into the future

This part of the masterclass focuses on establishing the education you need to find a healthy work-life balance, and adopt continuous self-care practices that ensure you can thrive in your role as a caring therapist well into the future.

What people are saying:

"After this practice, I notice a significant shift in my nervous system and emotions- even when I think about a situation that triggers me."

Nasima, Therapist

Here's what you'll learn:

as seen on:

Hey! I'm Alistair.

I was a burnt out therapist, just like you.

After transforming my life with this 7-minute daily practice, I've reclaimed my passion for helping fellow therapists find peace.

Recovering from burnout while keeping your practice vibrant is absolutely achievable. You can shed the anxiety, stress, and fatigue with minimal daily effort.

It may seem improbable, but I assure you, it’s easier than you think. Looking forward to seeing you in the masterclass and exploring these possibilities together!

"I've accelerated my healing of traumatic experiences and the embodiment of my complete and total truth"

I carry a few hats and identify as a person within the healing profession myself. I have explored many depths of my own being — and I have found my work with Alistair to have accelerated so many things which continue to be revealed to me in each moment and as I continue to evolve. I am so grateful to have been supported by Alistair’s Presence, Insight(s), and her creation and holding of such safe space.

- client


In this masterclass, you’ll learn about effective strategies to combat therapist burnout, including a unique 7-minute daily practice that combines neurofeedback, biofeedback, breathwork, and energy work to help you reclaim your vitality and passion for your work.

Doing all the things is great, but not if you’re just going through the motions. How to retain the benefit of these practices is the missing piece this masterclass addresses.

You’re a smart cookie. On an intellectual level, you know how to feel better. You’re a therapist, after all. You know what triggers you and why. You know why you have certain reactions and painful patterns in your life and where they all started.

You help your clients do it all the time, but you can’t seem to figure out how to let go of the residue of your own past and transform at a deep, lasting level. That makes you feel like a fraud.

That’s where this is different. It’s a multifaceted system that combines modern neuroscience with older Eastern teachings of breathing techniques, visualization, and movement.

It may sound like something you’ve already tried, but the difference is that this cleanses, nourishes, and builds your energetic container so you can actually receive the benefit of the tools and knowledge you have.

Think of your tools like clean, nourishing air. You can only get so much benefit from it if the lungs don’t have the capacity to receive and use it. This 7-minute practice is like prepping the lungs for deep transformation.

I know what you’re thinking: It seems too easy! Especially when you feel like the only thing that could possibly work is quitting.

The truth is that small, consistent actions can have very big results.

Plus, this 7 minute practice is very unique to you. It isn’t 7 minutes of some generic meditation. It helps you get to the core of what you personally require to let go of old patterns, release stress and take control of your day, every day.

Absolutely! The strategies, insights, and practices shared are universally applicable, offering value to anyone interested in overcoming burnout, enhancing well-being, and achieving a balanced, fulfilling life.
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