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for Enhancing Optimal Performance

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HIKE - Human Inner Keys for Evolution was started at the direction of the Monks of Mt. Shasta who in 1991 directed our founder, Liana Mattulich, MD (Argentina) to teach a critical mass of people who have enough awareness in specific formulas of energies to have clarity, discernment, and courage to work unconditionally for the peace of the planet.


The HIKE system helps people develop inner freedom and self-leadership which contributes to peace on the planet. 


Together, our team has 191 years of experience validating this sytem. Pre-internet we have 1,000 followers. We invite you to find the courage within to be ALL you can BE.

Use the contact form below to express your commitment to activism and self-leadership.



I am an educator for humanity's evolution. As a licensed psychotherapist and wellness educator, I have taught thousands of clients, students, parents, and educators the principles of mindfulness in self-development and self-leadership. I enjoy helping others learn tools that help them increase life satisfaction, overall happiness, inner-peace, well being, and personal success.

Using the HIKE4evolution system of self-development and self-leadership my colleague/brother Dallas R. Hawkes, MS, and I teach students how to use their focus and concentration, how to reconnect with their innate self-leadership and their regenerative health and wellness, how to use mindfulness to balance their emotions and thinking, and how be more personally free.

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