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The therapist who's championing humanity's evolution

From neurofeedback to energy medicine, Alistair has an abundant toolkit to help mental health professionals recover from burnout.

Alistair M. Hawkes is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in guiding fellow therapists to find peace and balance using the HIKE4Evolution™ system. She is passionate about helping others, persistent to a fault, and loves to learn.

Alistair is available for stage speaking and media interviews. She loves to share on topics that focus on providing therapists and other care professionals with actionable insights and tools to address and prevent burnout. This ensures they can continue to provide effective care while maintaining their own well-being.

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Exclusive Interview With Alistair M. Hawkes And Dallas R. Hawkes On Personal Growth And Community

Championing Evolution: Alistair M. Hawkes' Fusion of Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom

Transform and Evolve: Alistair Hawkes' Journey from Clinical Psychotherapy to HIKE4evolution

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From Burnout to Balance:

A Therapist’s Guide to Self-Care and Professional Longevity

Reforming Therapy:


The Science of Wellbeing:

How Neuroscience and Ancient Practices can Shape Our Health

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