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I have a deep passion for empowering others to be all they can be...

I was giving 1000% in my practice, but behind the scenes, I was crashing and burning.

I grew up in Golden, Colorado, with my brother, Dallas Hawkes. From a young age, the vibrant community there sparked my interest in personal development and the mind-body connection, shaping my path toward helping others.

I trained as a clinical psychotherapist with a specialization in somatic methods. Working alongside my brother, I passionately integrate energy medicine, mindfulness, and diverse therapeutic practices into my teaching. I have extensive personal training in Reiki, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Yoga, QiGong, Energy Psychology, and Breathwork.

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Much like you, I loved what I did but long hours, client quotas, and compassion fatigue were crushing my spirit.

I found myself checked out at home because I simply had no energy left over.

It was a devastating blow to discover my teenage daughter was struggling and I had no idea. That was my wake up call. I couldn’t continue the way I was. Therapists are needed so badly, yet how could we benefit humanity when it meant our own families and dreams would fall apart in the process of delivering our work? There had to be an answer.

Something called Hike4Evolution™ changed everything.

In less than 7 minutes of daily practice, I was able to move myself beyond exhaustion and into peace.

Hike4Evolution™ is a neuroscience-based optimal functioning curriculum developed over 50 years by Liana Mattulich, M.D. It is a step-by-step program of self-development that helps people grow and transform quickly with very little time spent. There’s no meditating for 6 hours. It’s a tried and true system that has helped hundreds of people achieve high performance while being fully present and at peace.

Discovering it was the revolution I needed to feel alive again and stay present for my clients and family.

I’ve since shifted my professional focus to help fellow therapists use this powerful system to manage their stress and anxiety so they can feel balanced, keep doing the work they’ve been called to, and turn their struggle into flow.

"As I continue to crack open, Alistair meets me in total presence and full capacity. I have only experienced this with her."

If you are ready to step into the truth of who you are, step away from egoic and limiting structures of the human condition, and experience a loving witness that is as committed as you are to your own path and journey, I encourage you to lean into the blessing of working with Alistair.
JY, Client

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